Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Hike

     Last Summer my oldest daughter's church group took a Sunday afternoon excursion to a nearby hiking area.  I was asked to come along as a chaperone/photographer.  Well I like hiking, and I sort of do like taking pictures too, so....

Great bunch of girls with their awesome teacher Ms. Sharon

The girls all had a blast despite the heat

The trail ends at the waterfall.  Apparently the cool stream was very inviting...

They couldn't resist.

An uninvited visitor,  just passing through.

and the finish.. 

     This is a great group of girls.  They have really bonded these last couple of years under the leadership of their wonderful teacher, Ms. Sharon.  Everybody had a great time that day, including myself.  It was well worth enduring the heat and humidity to watch them laughing and playing in the rapids.
     I took lots of pictures, these are just a few.  I shot with my 55-250mm lens... very lightweight, and very versatile.  It's long, so I can zoom in tight for close-ups.  And it is just wide enough that I can get a group shot as long as I stand back a little ways.

     Everyone enjoyed seeing the pictures.  Ms. Sharon printed a bunch of 4x6's to give to the girls.  I also put together an Animoto video which the girls really enjoyed...

     Hoping to do it again this Summer, maybe it will be a little cooler this time :)


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