Monday, April 2, 2012

Soccer Saturday

For all you soccer Moms & Dads out there-

On Saturday morning my youngest had her first soccer game of the season.  I thought I'd share a few pictures along with some soccer shooting tips...

Capturing the intimidation factor

Shooting from a low perspective

Shutter speed of at least 1/800th sec. will the freeze action

I really like to shoot through the net for a unique perspective

Zooming in tight

f4 Aperture setting for a shallow depth of field.

Capturing the moments after the score!


    • As always, avoid mid-afternoon sun when possible.  Check your soccer schedule and choose a morning or evening game to shoot.
    • Move around the field.  The corners of the field offer good shooting angles.  Try some shots from behind the goal, shooting through the net.
    • Avoid busy backgrounds.  If possible, shoot in a direction that doesn't fill your background with people, cars, lawn chairs, trashcans, etc...
    • Get low.  Your knees may get green and wet, but shooting from a low perspective will improve the look of your images.
    • Use a long lens- Zoom in tight, and then crop in even tighter in post.
    • Shoot in Aperture Priority mode and set your Aperture to the lowest number available for your lens (assuming it is between f2.8 - f5.6).  This will keep your depth of field shallow.
    • Watch your shutter speed.  In Aperture Priority mode your camera will automatically adjust your shutter speed- Be aware of what it's doing.  You'll need at least 1/800th of a second to freeze the action.  If your shutter speed is too slow, increase your ISO.
    • Set White Balance to "Cloudy" for warm skin tones.
    • Set up your camera's focus to use only the center focus point, and keep that point on your subject.
    • Select Continuous Autofocus, this is "AI Servo" on Canons.  Hold the shutter button half way down as you track your subject.  The autofocus will adjust continuously as your subject moves.  
    • Set your drive mode to Burst or High Speed Continuous, and take a LOT of shots.  
    • Don't put the camera down after a goal is scored, be ready to capture the reactions.


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