Friday, April 6, 2012

Megabytes Are Cheap

     We're not buying film anymore, and megabyte are cheap!  So take Lots of pictures!

     Whatever it is you're shooting- kids, flowers, birds, sports, animals, cars, models, or leaves..... take lots and lots of shots.  If you take a picture of a grasshopper, shoot it from 14 different angles.  Get high, low, closer, farther.. shoot vertical, horizontal, different crops and different apertures.  Same goes for portraits- I typically come home from a family portrait session with well over 300 images on my card.  I usually narrow these down to the best 25-30.
     Please understand- I'm not suggesting the "Spray & Pray" method.  This term describes those who choose not to bother themselves with all the hassle of learning, practicing, and improving their photography.  Instead they choose to aimlessly fire off frames in massive numbers and hope for a good one.  Not a good technique.
     We want to do our best to make every shot count.  But certainly the more options we have to choose from, the more great keepers we will get.  Wedding photographers will typically shoot thousands of frames in a weekend, and only a small percentage of the photos will be included in the wedding album.  World renown commercial and advertising photographer Chase Jarvis, says he often shoots many thousands of frames per day when on assignment.... and only One of those photos will ever be seen by the public.
     So get yourself a big memory card and some extra batteries, and shoot away!



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