Monday, April 16, 2012

Senior Moment

     I shot some senior portraits for our nephew last weekend.  We took a bunch of pictures, this one is my favorite.......

     The very soft, directional light is what really makes this image.  I wish that I could take credit for the lighting setup, but it's really just ambient light.  The overcast cloud layer was providing nice soft, even light, which can be a good thing.  But without any direction, this light can look somewhat flat and uninteresting.  In this case, the old shed, which my nephew is leaning against, is blocking the ambient light from his left side, thereby creating the look of directional light coming in from his right.  Studio photographers call this Subtractive Lighting - removing light in order to create shadows, which add definition and dimension to the subject.  Okay, so.... now I've changed my mind-  The soft, directional Shadows are what really make this image!

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