Friday, March 16, 2012

Unleash your Photographic Betterness

     Imagine if there was one piece of equipment that you could buy for around 100 bucks which would make your photography better!  Well, there's really not, but there sorta kinda is.....  Here's the thing- New camera gear will definitely NOT make you a better photographer!... However!!  Sometimes the right gear can help you take your learning up a notch, and let you rise to your maximum potential, thereby unleashing your photographic betterness!  And if you learn to use that new gear properly, it may allow you to make images that do actually look better.  
     One such piece of equipment is the 50mm f1.8 prime lens.  Both Canon and Nikon produce versions of this lens which sell for just a little over $100.  By far, this is the best $100 a novice photographer can spend on any piece of equipment IMHO.  Known as the "fast 50" or the "plastic fantastic", the 50mm f1.8 is incredibly small and light, and produces amazing image quality with super sharpness that you will never get from a zoom lens.  
Canon 50mm, shot at f1.8

     Small, light, and cheap are all great features, but the 50's greatest asset is it's wide f1.8 maximum aperture.  If you are wondering how those other photographers get that nice soft dreamy background blur in their portraits, here ya go!  Now, I got really deep into aperture and f-numbers and depth of field in my last post - Here, so I won't really go back into all that again.  But you should just know this- if you like shooting portraits, you will love this lens.
     Canon 50mm, shot at f2.5

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