Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Randomalities

Canon G1X -     Gordon Lang over at Camera recently published his test results after comparing high iso noise performance of the new Canon G1X to popular Canon DSLR's.  Interesting results...  In a nutshell, the G1X wins.  You can read the complete article HERE.
     If you are not yet familiar with the G1X, you may want to check it out.  It has a very high coolness factor IMHO.  The G1X is Canon's latest G-series release- succeeding the G12, which succeeded the G11, which succeeded the G10, which..... well, you get it.  Obviously a little different spin on the name this time, probably because this is not just another updated G-series.  What puts the "X" in the G1X is it's way bigger image sensor.   The APS-C size sensor is actually the same size as the  sensor used in several of Canon's leading DSLR's- the T3i, 60D, and the 7D.  Generally speaking, Bigger sensor = Better image quality, meaning this small, lightweight, convenient, and somewhat pocketable point & shoot type camera is capable of producing image quality that is comparable to bigger, heavier DSLR's.  It's a little on the pricey side at $799, but I predict the G1X will be a big hit with entry-level photographers, as well as advanced shooters who are looking for a vacation/party/walk-around camera.  Visit the official Canon USA site to learn more about the G1X.

Lightroom 4-     After a brief run in Beta, Lightroom 4 is now publicly released.  And the folks at Adobe have made it made it awfully appealing by lowering, actually by slashing the price tag in half!  Now retailing for $149 ($79 for upgrades), Lightroom becomes more accessible to many more folks.
     Here is a good video by Julieanne Kost with Adobe, which explains many of the changes made to Lightroom 4....


     You can order  Lightroom 4 from Amazon.  *Now I will follow up on all of that by saying this:  If you are an Entry-Level photographer / editor - Don't jump into Lightroom just yet.  Google's Picasa is even cheaper- because it's FREE, and it's really very good.

The Digital Photography Book part 4 by Scott Kelby is now released and shipping.  Also available from Amazon, (for that matter, anything on the planet that is for sale is now available from Amazon.)
If you're not into reading books made of paper, it is also available in ibooks and in Kindle versions.

Rounding Out the Randomness- Here is an image from a trip to the West coast a couple of years ago.  I don't do a lot of landscape shooting (when i do it's usually with an iPhone).  Post-proccessing was done in Photoshop Elements 8.

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