Thursday, March 1, 2012

Camera Awesome for iPhone

     The folks at SmugMug have just released a very cool new iPhone camera app which they have modestly named "Camera Awesome".  In the limited time I have played around with the app so far, I do agree there is definitely some degree of Awesomeness to it.  
     Camera Awesome contains many of the standard features found in most iPhone camera apps, but with a few noteworthy extras.  The feature that first stood out to me was the cameras speed.  "Blistering Speed" is SmugMug's claim.  I'm not too sure about blistering, but I am pretty impressed.  The app opens very quickly, shutter lag is minimal, and a Burst mode allows for continuous shooting at a "not really all that fast but pretty good for a phone" frame rate.

    For editing your photos, the "Awesomize" button is the app's all-in-one enhancement tool.  One touch of Awesomize seems to boost colors, increase sharpness, clarity, contrast, brightness, and who knows what all else.  It's a pretty nice effect, although it does take several seconds to process all that awesomeness.  

     A plethora of filters, presets, and various special effects are available to dress up your photos with a variety of looks and styles, if that's your thing.

     The camera app has a shot timer, an intervalometer (kinda cool), focus point and exposure point selection capability (very cool), and even an image stabilization feature (not sure if this really works).  You can also shoot video through the app.  There's the normal video mode, and a somewhat gimmicky "pre-cord" mode which captures video beginning 5 seconds Before you push the record button.

     Finally, SmugMug has made it simple to share your masterpiece with the world with the 1-tap share page, which includes social media, photobucket, email, and of course SmugMug.

     I think this shall be my iPhone camera app of choice for a while - at least until something better comes along.  Oh yeah, BTW the app is FREE!  Read more about it Here- Camera Awesome


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