Monday, March 19, 2012


I've known these two since they were little, so this photo kinda makes me feel old.  

f5.0, 1/125 sec. 150mm

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     This was shot on an overcast day, which is actually not a bad time to shoot.  The overcast sky acts like a giant diffuser, making the ambient light nice and soft and even.  I used an off-camera flash, positioned camera-right, to punch up the highlights a little and add some catchlight to the eyes.  I stood waay back in order to get lots of the tall grass between me and my subjects, then I zoomed in to 150mm.  You can see how the compression from the long focal length, combined with the shallow depth of field from the f5 aperture, helps throw the foreground and background nicely out of focus.
     I really like this photo because it incorporates all of my favorite portrait shooting elements- Soft light, off-camera flash, long focal length, and nice foreground.  Oh yeah, and photogenic subjects!

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