Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Soft Window Light

     Want to get studio-like results for your indoor home portraits?
Does your house have a window?

     Large Light = Soft Light.  Soft Light = Pretty Portraits

     Studios use giant soft boxes and other large diffusers to produce soft light.  The larger the light source, the softer the light will be on your subject.  This is why you Never Never Ever want to take indoor portraits with your built-in camera flash.  The tiny flash will produce harsh, ugly light and give your subject a very flat, washed-out look.  It's not good.  Please don't do it.
     Okay, we agree.  So now turn Off your flash, and go find a large window.  Instant Soft Box!  Sit your subject close to the window.  In the above photo, the pretty girl is sitting to the side of the window, but near the back.  Other words- the window is to her side and out in front of her.  You may want to seat your subject facing toward the window, with head turned toward the camera.  Experiment with different positions, many great looks are possible.  
     note: North-facing windows are nice because the light is pretty constant regardless of the sun's position.  Remember the larger the window, the softer the light.

     Hope you like.

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