Thursday, February 16, 2012


     Add more interest to your portraits by changing your perspective. Shoot from an angle of view that is slightly different from what we normally see. This will give your portraits more impact and often enhance your subjects.

Get Low-  When photographing kids, get down on their level.

Get Lower-  You gotta get dirty sometimes.  
Usually the least comfortable you are, the better the shot.

Now Higher-  Bring a stepladder!  
Shooting down from above is considered a safe shot, it almost always looks good.
Don't get crazy, just a little higher than your normal standing position.

You may not need that ladder for some..

     Mix it up a little, try a few different angles for each shot.  Sometimes you won't know which looks better until you see the images on the screen.  

     *Note:  Shooting adult subjects from above often gives a flattering, slimming effect.  More importantly, the opposite is very true when shooting from below.  Avoid shooting adults from a low angle at close range- they won't like the photo.

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