Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shooting Long

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     I shot this photo of young Reed at his family's home last Fall.  It was a great session with a great family.  I had a lot of fun and I think we came away with some pretty good images.  But Reed was not particularly interested in having his photo made this day.  Sometimes that makes it more fun.  These little ones can be squirrelly and evasive...I like the challenge.  And these shots often turn out to be the best images because they capture the child in a natural state, with real expression and emotion.
     Armed with my long tele-zoom lens, I managed to grab this shot as he popped up from behind a hill.  I love shooting portraits with a long lens.  This photo was taken at a focal length of 214mm.  You can see how the long focal length compresses the foreground and the background in the photo.  It's possible to get a similar look by shooting at a wide aperture setting, but I just really prefer the more isolated look I get from the long lens.
     When running and gunning with quick moving subjects, it's usually best to stick with ambient light.  This shot was lit by the sunlight coming in from camera left.  A thin overcast cloud layer diffused the sun slightly and provided a great soft light.

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