Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photosynth for iPhone

Snow Creek Resort
photosynth for iphone

     It's become my favorite iPhone camera app.......  and it's made by Microsoft???!!  Weird but true.
Photosynth for iPhone is an app (by Microsoft) that makes it simple to create panorama images right in the phone.  Take a series of photos in one slow sweeping motion, and Photosynth will automatically stitch together the frames to create the pano.  You can then crop and save the photo to your camera roll.
     Awesome for creating ultra-wide angle shots of scenery, events, etc...  Or fun for just goofing around.  Oh and BTW....   It's FREE!!!

Highly recommended-

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Nassau Bahamas
photosynth for iphone

Joplin Aftermath
photosynth for iphone

Arvest Ballpark
photosynth for iphone

Razorback Stadium
photosynth for iphone

Falcon 50EX
photosynth for iphone

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