Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Sunday Senior Shoot

I shot some high-school senior photos for Alex on Sunday evening.  Here is one of the photos that demonstrates the type of lighting I was going for...

50mm f2.0  1/200th.  ISO 100

     I used one speedlight, with a reflective umbrella, and a large silver reflector.  We also had some warm directional sunlight from behind Alex to provide the hair light.  The umbrella is to my left, slightly above Alex's head, angled down.  I placed a large silver reflector on the ground, leaning against the bottom of the light stand.  I was attempting to mimic the clam-shell lighting technique used by studios when shooting glamour photography.  If you look closely at the catchlights in the eyes you can see the double reflections from the over-under lighting.  It's a pretty simple lighting setup that provides great results for lighting female subjects.  


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