Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Stuffs

Moose Peterson's blog is sporting some awesome aviation photos today.  I'm a sucker for yellow biplanes.  Here's the Link

The Kelby Group has released issue number 8 of their Light It Magazine iPad app.  If you have not checked out the Light It Magazine app yet, you should.  It's full of great information and instruction to help you improve your lighting techniques.  And the layout and interface is awesome!
Check it out  Here.

And speaking of lighting, I'll throw out a recommendation.  Pixel King wireless radio triggers for Cannon E-TTL flash.  (also available for Nikon I-TTL)  I've been using these triggers for a little while now and I'm so far very impressed.  Full E-TTL functionality, including High-Speed Sync, for off camera flash with a very reasonable price tag...     Amazon Link.

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